Commercial air conditioning requires design and more extensive installation. Whist most residential type systems can be applied to the commercial market, thought must be given to building code practices like fresh air requirements, roof penetrations and mounting of outdoor aircon units on roofs.

Somerset Air Conditioning can design air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems for small to medium size buildings. We also offer service and scheduled preventative maintenance of your equipment to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Schedule regular maintenance with us upon installation or contact us to organise servicing for pre-existing air-conditioning systems in your building, cafe or office.

We also have a large fleet of rental portable air conditioners to help you get throught that hot period whilst urgent repairs are carried out. See rental chart below or contact us ...

Portable Unit

Portable Air Conditioner

Buy From $895 | Rent From $195 p/m

Room Size Example Unit (Kw) Rental Per Month
20m2 Filing Room 2.3 Kw $195
30m2 Bedroom 2.9 Kw $250
35m2 Office 3.5 Kw $295
40m2 Office 4.2 Kw $320

These portable units are great for temporary cooling in the office or even at home! Wheen in and plug in for refrigerated, cool air...enquire now →

Hi-Wall Split System

Hi-Wall Split System

Buy From $1995 | Rent From $65 p/m

The most popular model. Mounted high on the wall, hi-wall systems are stylish, compact and suited to almost any style decor. As well as being a quiet and comfortable alternative to many other forms of heating, hiwall units come with additional settings that can be adjusted by remote control – including temperature, fan speeds and on/off timers...enquire now →

Window Mounted

Window/Wall Mounted Unit (RAC)

Buy From $895 | Rent From $35 p/m

It is a relatively simple matter to fit the unit into a wall or unit...enquire now →

Under Ceiling Units

Under Ceiling Units

Buy From $3495

Ideal for large offices, computer rooms and large open areas. The indoor unit fits flush under the ceiling and comes in a range of sizes and capacities. When you need reliability and grunt you can't go past an under ceiling system....enquire now →



Buy From $4995

The most discreet option, with only the grille showing in the ceiling. They provide heating and cooling in a range of capacities...enquire now →

Ducted System Air Conditioner

Ducted System Air Conditioner

Buy From $5995

Ducted models offer quiet, efficient operation, are easy to maintain, and operate via a wall mounted LCD controller that controls all functions of the system. Whatever the shape of the room, ducted units can create uniform temperatures throughout. Cool or warm air is then ducted into each room through outlets positioned in the ceiling...enquire now →